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You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.

The stick man figure in the center of the chart is a symbol of the real you; a soul with a body. The body is part of the earth and serves as your vehicle while you are here. You are here to learn about yourself and to expand your spiritual part.

Above your head is a circle that represents your real life force. This little halo is the symbol of your intelligent part. We can think of it as an intelligent vibration or intelligent energy. Let's call this vibration "light." Science tells us that every human being is equivalent to about four watts of power. This energy is measured in your body by British thermal units, or heat, and it keeps the cells of your body together. When you see a cadaver, or dead person, three things are missing from that body--the heat, the intelligent part, and this power or energy.

The connection between this intelligent part and your physical body is known as the "silver cord." The energy flows from the intelligent part or soul and feeds energy to the body.

The real you is the sum total of every thought and feeling you have gathered together through eons of time. Within you is an amazing reservoir of wisdom waiting to be tapped.

The College community group work is packed full of techniques that will stimulate experiences to re-awaken the part of you that knows who and what you really are.

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